You’ll no doubt love Magento’s impressive expandability, flexibility and scalability, but hosting a Magento site can be tricky and time consuming. And without the right specialist skills in your team it can be a struggle to wrangle the most out of it. If managed improperly, you may be lumbered with a slow loading site that kills conversion rates and a poor user experience that frustrates your customers.

Our secure environment is built on state of the art company owned infrastructure and managed by our dedicated eCommerce team.


Our Magento Platform Gives You


Spectacular Speed

Our scalable platform is fully optimised to guarantee brilliant performance, which is up to 38X faster. Managed capacity planning and rapid allocation of additional resources allows you to cope with traffic spikes, so we never slow you down when your site gets busy. Built-in application, page load and transaction monitoring helps to identify performance issues. The cache management system ensures fast page load times, with an optional CDN to deliver content globally in the quickest possible time.


Ultimate Up-time

The platform is designed with high availability at its core to ensure uptime. We offer volume, load and stress testing, pre and post site launch, to assess your site’s ability to cope with increased demand. The platform is held within our own state of the art national data centres which are connected via a high capacity fibre network. A range of backup and disaster recovery solutions are available, with enterprise-level high availability options such as geo-replication.


Our Clever Control Panel

You can go live within hours by importing your data or you can start afresh on our platform. The user-friendly control panel means that server administration is not required and the optional white labelling of the control panel gives you the ability to rebrand for your clients. We can carry out monthly reports and regular service reviews to ensure you’re getting the most from the platform.


A Safe Haven for your Data

Our PCI compliant environment is protected by firewalls, an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and the latest DDoS mitigation technology to reduce the likelihood and severity of an attack. We penetration-test the environment and manage patching and updates to ensure your customer data is protected. Our strong set of accreditations, including ISO 270001, demonstrates our commitment to upholding high security standards.


Specialised Support

In our latest customer survey, 97% of customers said they’d recommend us to a colleague. We choose our team as carefully as we choose our tech, and our support team have the passion and enthusiasm of a Formula 1 Pit Crew, raring to keep your servers up and running. What’s more, we don’t employ traditional first-line support, so you'll get straight through to our industry-qualified engineers, who have the knowledge and authority to solve your problem.


Expert eCommerce Team

Our specialist team has years of experience hosting Magento, so we know exactly how to design the best solution for you and your business. We have a well-developed onboarding methodology and can guide you through the platform and ensure that you have the specific support that you need to keep your site performing at its best and reliably delivering revenue. With access to experienced Solutions Architects and Melbourne’s superb support, you’ll really get the most out of Magento.

“Melbourne was able to guide us through the initial start-up process with complete ease, showing the right balance between professionalism and personality.” 

We’ll Be Your Perfect Partner

Our small, close-knit team is made up of approachable experts, with support available around the clock. We have an honest approach to business, meaning that our SLAs are fair, and if something goes wrong, we’ll let you know straight away and do all we can to help. As a member of the iomart Group’s happy family, we are part of a publicly listed company, so you know we’re financially secure.


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