Melbourne hybrid hosting is a valuable solution for business, because it’s a strategy that caters for any combination of private cloud, public cloud and dedicated hardware. We’re technical engineers first and foremost and we know that some applications require the added security and power of a dedicated server, while other services really benefit from the scalability of a virtual solution. With hybrid hosting there is no need to choose – you can leave your databases functioning efficiently on dedicated hardware, as you migrate frontend web servers onto our virtual private machines. Best of all by choosing a Melbourne solution, no matter whether you’re an up-and-coming agency or a global eCommerce brand, you have the flexibility to choose the solution that is right for you.


Combine and Create

We have the expertise to understand that each hosting solution comes with its own advantages and drawbacks, and our team of experts has the experience to know what will work best for each business. By combining the positive elements of each option and reducing the flaws, we can produce a hybrid cloud solution tailor-made to your specifications:

  • Dedicated Servers – comprehensive and reliable
  • Public Cloud and Virtual Servers – highly flexible and customisable
  • Private Cloud – very secure and scalable

The integration of multiple systems might sound confusing at first, but amalgamating the positive elements of each system effectively can result in an affordable, secure and flexible hosting solution. By choosing Melbourne to cater to your hybrid hosting you are benefitting from superior value and service, resulting in a well-integrated, simple hybrid hosting solution. 


Bespoke Solutions

Every business is different, so our hybrid solutions are geared toward flexibility to ensure that we can create the best-fitting bespoke solution for your business. We only use the most modern and powerful CPUs as standard, however, bespoke solutions are available upon request.

Melbourne is committed to providing unbeatable customer service, that is why when you choose a hybrid hosting solution with us, you gain access to all of these features: 

  • Choose from our range of Dedicated Servers, customised to your requirements.
  • Configure Cloud/Virtual Servers to your requirements.
  • Colocate custom appliances if necessary.
  • We configure a secure private network between your servers.

Build your Hybrid Hosting Solution

Ready to find out more about how we can help? Our advisors can offer a free consultation to help you find the best hosting environment for your needs or simply answer any more questions you may have.