We’re technical consultants, not salespeople, so we understand how to design and deliver high availability solutions for maximum uptime. We’re proud of our sophisticated self-healing network that takes care of itself when network conditions change.

We combine disaster recovery, best-in-class DDoS protection, and a superb Content Delivery Network to support our high availability and create the perfect hosting solution for your eCommerce business. We also offer multi-site hosting, geo-replication and hybrid solutions – so we are perfectly equipped to design a bespoke solution to meet your exact needs.

Disaster Recovery & Cloud Backup

Our enterprise level disaster recovery solutions ensure your data will be protected from any disruptive incidents, keeping your site active and the orders coming in. Our cloud-based DRaaS solution can provide almost instant replication of your systems to keep you going seamlessly. Even in downtime, whether scheduled or unexpected, you can maintain business continuity, with the ability to failover to a replication of your infrastructure, until the original is ready to return to.

Our cloud backup service offers both granular and holistic backups and restores of your critical data, so you can restore either individual files or entire systems. With comprehensive backups in place there’s no need to worry about the threat of lost order history or missing customer data. Thanks to our nifty Control Panel, system admins have full control over the configuration of the cloud backup service.

DDoS Protection

With denial-of-service attacks on the rise, this is a growing concern for businesses of all sizes. Not only can DDoS attacks result in lost revenue for online retailers, an attack can be highly damaging for a brand’s reputation if customers view their site as unreliable or a security risk.

We’ve invested significantly in new technology to offer a comprehensive DDoS Protection service that includes anomaly detection, threat protection and comprehensive reporting.

Content Delivery Network

Our super-fast and reliable CDN delivers content at lightning speed across the globe, ensuring a seamless and highly responsive experience for all users, wherever they are in the world. This is a cost effective alternative to deploying your content across multiple, geographically dispersed servers in order to make your media load faster for users.

Use our CDN for: improved customer experience, speed to market, predictable costs, access to scale and resilience, and enhanced geographic reach.

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