We offer incredible flexibility, so you can access the exact solution you require. From dedicated servers to public cloud, we have a full suite of hosting solutions to meet the needs of your business. And if you require a mix of technologies, we offer complex and hybrid hosting solutions, allowing you to combine virtual and physical servers, all able to freely communicate on your own private network segment.

We can tailor our extensive portfolio to meet your exact requirements cost-effectively. With assured service quality and world class support, we can create a bespoke and complete solution. 

We offer a hosting service backed by genuine guaranteed service levels and managed end to end by us – no middlemen. If you’re looking for a hosting company where you will be treated as an individual, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our Hosting Options


Dedicated Servers

Our enterprise-class dedicated servers are completely customised to your requirements; we don’t make you choose from a pre-defined range. With Dell branded hardware, we give you the best reliability, speed and value.

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Public Cloud

Benefit from the resilience and infinite scalability of AWS and Azure cloud services, designed and managed by our certified Solutions Architects. Perfect for developers who require the flexibility to spin up new instances in seconds

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Virtual Servers

Our ultra-reliable, self-healing virtual server cloud offers the best in energy and cost efficient, reliable and scalable hosting. Or choose your own bespoke private cloud solution.

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Hybrid Cloud

For some applications, hybrid cloud offers the best of all hosting worlds, allowing you to mix ‘n’ match to create your ideal solution, with all the benefits of Melbourne’s reliability and security.

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If you have your own hardware, be that full racks or a single server, we can house it in one of our data centres. Give your infrastructure the same impressive reliability, connectivity and security as our Melbourne hosting solutions. 

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eCommerce Hosting

We're eCommerce experts. Our remarkable hosting solutions and dedicated team will keep your sites and applications running like a dream, through thick and thin. 

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“Melbourne was able to guide us through the initial start-up process with complete ease, showing the right balance between professionalism and personality.” 

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We know you’ll find us the most impeccable hosts – whether you know exactly the hosting solution you want, or you’d like our expert staff to help you find the option that is right for you.