30 September 2016 | by Natalie Fayle
Because Melbourne aren’t fixed to the set packages they offer, it’s enabled us to run our servers exactly as we want to, with our own little quirks and features built in

What services do you buy from Melbourne?

We have a combination of both dedicated servers and UltraVM cloud servers. When we first started using Melbourne, we rented colocation space – that was back in 2006 – but as time went on, we decided we wanted to concentrate on our own specialty, software, leaving the hardware and networking to Melbourne.

How did you find out about us?

We were using a number of colocation providers at the time, in both Manchester and London, and were looking to move more to Manchester. We heard through forums about Melbourne opening up a new facility in Reynolds House and got in touch.

What were the main reasons for choosing us as your service provider?

The initial choice was down to a general disappointment with other providers, and just wanting to try somewhere new. However, from the first day when the MD showed me to our new rack, it became clear that Melbourne was a little different.

Over the next few months these differences really set Melbourne apart. For example, I visited one of our other providers and upon opening a rack door, it came off in my hand! Elsewhere, we also seemed to be experiencing a lot of power and network outages too.

By comparison, we’ve had 100% power in the last 6 years with Melbourne – but not with any other provider.

What’s your experience of Melbourne’s service?

Deciding to move from buying our own servers and collocating them to dedicated servers was a big change for us – and almost seemed like a backwards step. With many providers, it would have been.

However, because Melbourne aren’t fixed to the set packages they offer, it’s enabled us to run our servers exactly as we want to, with our own little quirks and features built in. We’ve got all the advantages of the specific configurations that we had before, but without the downsides – we don’t need to set off to London in the middle of the night if there’s a hardware issue, we know Melbourne will deal with it for us.

Our account manager really does care about us too – he’s always on hand if we need anything and keeps an eye out to make sure everything’s running smoothly. It’s just a general feeling of not just being out to get more money from us, but actually wanting to do a good job. Other providers contact us when we cancel something, or when we’ve not ordered for a while to see if we need any quotes – Melbourne contact us to invite us to a party, send us a Christmas present or just check everything is okay!

Would you recommend Melbourne to a colleague?

Absolutely. I really like the fact that Melbourne doesn’t compete with us – many server providers do web hosting too, and many of them are themselves resellers for someone else. It’s nice to know that Melbourne know the whole of their system inside and out, because it actually is their system.

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