Our Customers

Winstanleys pramworld

Melbourne have been extremely helpful from the word go – helping us set up OS updates, monitoring, backups, and extra software that we weren’t 100% comfortable setting up ourselves.


We've received bags of support from Melbourne whenever we have needed it on our current solutions and because everything is scalable and flexible we never feel restricted, it allows us to be very agile.


Melbourne ensures our servers are constantly running up to spec and in the rare case that anything happens they’re always there to deal with it.

NuBlue Web Solutions

The important thing for us as a client of Melbourne’s is that they’ve always been onto the issue as soon as they’ve discovered it’s happened, which is immediately.


Because Melbourne aren’t fixed to the set packages they offer, it’s enabled us to run our servers exactly as we want to, with our own little quirks and features built in

The Inspection Manager

We want organisations that choose to use us to know that their data will be fully protected. Melbourne helps us tick all the boxes when we’re talking to potential new clients.

Make A Donation

Melbourne has given us a very powerful, fault-tolerant and scalable solution that we know we can depend on.


With the level of infrastructure they have, the support they provide and the solution ideas they come up with for our rapidly changing needs, Melbourne really are an extension to my team.


With our private cloud, built to our specifications by Melbourne, we can be incredibly streamlined and deploy servers within minutes.


We've tried several other data centres over the past few years and, although some were cheaper than Melbourne, they all failed to deliver the quality of service we required.

Creative Networks

All the Melbourne staff we have dealt with have been friendly and very competent. They always go above and beyond the call of duty.


We've been very happy with the way the commercial deal has been set up, and the way it's handled on a day-to-day basis.

IT Farm

When speaking to other people in the industry, they said Melbourne were really belt and braces, really conscientious about support and their service delivery, and also they really took disaster recovery as a high priority.