Seth Godin's blog

12 February 2012 | by Rob Greenwood

I'm almost fanatical about Seth Godin. If you've not heard of him before, you should have.

His blog is an amazing source of pearls of wisdom about leading in the true sense and running a business or brand in a way that's natural as a human being, but his stuff is actually quite unconventional to 'the norm'.  If more business leaders took his advice, the business world would be a much nicer place.

He's been quite a big influence to me on my Melbourne journey and his blog (which I get delivered to my email as I'm too lazy to go to a website) is like a daily drip-feed of reminders that we are right in trying to be different, especially on those bad days when it can feel like we're swimming against the tide of the stoic and stuffy world of business.

Daniel K-F, head tea boy @ Melbourne.

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