When I was 10 years Old – by Simon Hobson #weareten #wheniwasten

26 May 2011 | by Simon Hobson

Originally one of the more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed members of Melbourne, my 10th birthday fell in November 1995.  It was a simpler time, where both the Queen mum and Princess Di were still with us; mind you, Liz was just having her right hip replaced and the ‘Queen of Hearts’ was speaking candidly about her torments over the years to a lovely Martin Bashir.

In the charts, “Gangster’s Paradise” had just been dethroned as number 1 by an unexpected duo, Robson & Jerome with “I Believe / Up on the Roof".  Strange times.  Thankfully, Jim Carey was available to star in the sequel to Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and Pierce Brosnan graced our screens with Goldeneye.  A personal Bond-favourite of mine.  Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone were also on-screen with “Casino”, which is a flick I should probably watch at some point.

We weren’t to know it at the time, but November ’95 was to be a memorable period for Bill Clinton, as it was then that his affair with Monica Lewinsky first began, the frisky so-and-so.

Back in my own life, and due to the lack of teachers wanting to participate at my school, year 5 was disbanded and its unlucky pupils divvy’d up between the leftover classes.  I was fortunate enough not to be dropped back in with those disorderly year 4s and instead accelerated my way straight to year 6 – which was rather exhilarating – until I realised that my second round in year 6 would follow exactly the same syllabus.  When I wasn’t at school, being all intelligent and that, I would mostly grace a friend’s house or some recreational play area and enjoy not having a care in the world.

As with all these blog posts, the pictures attached are of the author and not just a random child.  These are of me, a youthful and precocious scamp; with much blonder hair.


PS I did finally grow into my front teeth.  It just took a while.

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