When I was 10 years Old – by Richard Legard #weareten #wheniwasten

25 May 2011 | by Richard Legard

As one of the more sensible / mature members of staff, my tenth birthday fell on the 21st November 1986.

Looking back I remember the year as a whole well, staying up 'till the early hours to watch every world cup match, Lineker dragging England through the group stages with his hat trick and then the infamous "hand of god" goal by Maradona which gave me nightmares for years (another early case for television replays).

The year also went down in history for the making of such classic films like "Top Gun", "Stand by me" & "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", Becker & Navratilova won Wimbledon, The Bears won the Superbowl and The Oprah Winfrey Show hits national television (I can't be that old it's still going right??).

In music Berlin - "Take My Breath Away" was number one on my birthday and The Voyager 2 probe passes through Uranus in January (I didn't feel a thing).

Away from the media, my father made my year by buying a huge satellite dish which was to be set in concrete in the back garden. With the use of the remote control I could  move it around satellites from all over the world. It's surprising what great TV can be found from Sweden, Germany and Italy and how using VHS videos extra pocket money could be made from your school mates (I was starting to grow up).

Here are a few lovely innocent pictures of me :-)


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