When I was 10 years Old – by Paul Deemer #weareten #wheniwas10

1 June 2011 | by Chris Marsh


As the youngest member of the Melbourne Team, my Birthday was bang on in the middle of Summer (when we actually had a summer) on the 24th June 1992.
I totally forgot about the majority of memories I had until these pictures refreshed them images I had of winning the football game of the season. Some of the pictures included are from the Isle of Wight, which is really a must location to visit. Apparently “Elvis vs JXL - A Little Less Conversation” was the number 1 song on the year when I was 10, however that also just feels like yesterday since it is one of my favourite songs (I was more obsessed with the song “Busted – Year 3000”).

Now on to movies, “Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” being one of my favourite all time movies came out when I was 10 as well which is a pretty legendary film, or if you more of a Harry Potter fan then Chamber of Secrets was in 2002.

Something everyone around the world will remember that year is the unfortunate death of Princess Margaret and The Queen Mother Elizabeth who also passed away, which is a very memorable moment in our British history.

Now to finish this off with coolness, I will leave you an interesting geeky fact that happened in 2002. “A Huge 660 pound meteorite plunges into earths atmosphere and explodes in a FIREBALL over southern Bavaria a piece of the meteorite is found and named Neuschwanstein after the local castle”


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