When I was 10 years old – by Daniel Keighron-Foster #weareten #wheniwasten

2 June 2011 | by Rob Greenwood

I was always under the impression that I was born as an adult.  It turns out I was born on the 17th April 1982; yes I’m nearly 30!

Remembering back I was a stroppy, hating everything pre-teen, with a soft spot for Kylie Minogue. Anyone who knows me would attest that very little has changed these days and now my position as MD of Melbourne has allowed me to have a tyrannical edge to my stroppiness, which I enjoy a lot.  And of course I’m still in love with Kylie.

When I asked my mum for photos of when I was ten, I was disappointed to find that she posted me a number of embarrassing photos from my holiday in Disneyworld when I was ten, the least embarrassing of which is below.  Of course as a difficult ten year old, a holiday like that was completely wasted on me.

I’m pleased to say that since these photos were taken, I’ve been fortunate enough to discover hair styling products.  It really was quite cruel that none of my family introduced this concept to me until I was about 14, when my hair had well and truly developed a mind of its own.

April 17, 1982, “By Proclamation of the Queen of Canada on Parliament Hill, Canada patriates its constitution, gaining full political independence from the United Kingdom; included is the country's first entrenched bill of rights.”  That fact is from Wikipedia so is most likely a lie.  I don’t even think Canada is a real country…

In other April 17, 1982 news, I’m told that Right Said Fred were at number one in the charts.  Not sure what to say about this really, except that it’s obviously had a subliminal effect on my life choices ever since.

Daniel Keighron-Foster,
Managing Director


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