Red Hat Enterprise Linux now available

4 November 2011 | by Chris Merrett

We're pleased to announce the immediate availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux licenses to all dedicated server and UltraVM customers of Melbourne.  You might think that a paid-for Linux distribution isn't worth the money with all the free alternatives out there, but when buying a RHEL license you're paying for more than just permission to use the software.  The demand we've had to offer this product speaks for itself.

With RHEL you're buying into nearly two decades worth of GNU/Linux experience, and with all that experience comes unparalleled support and top-quality user experience.  Your server will gain access to the Red Hat Network (RHN), which allows it swift access to critical security updates, something which systems derived from RHEL have to wait a little longer for.  Using RHEL allows us to call on Red Hat Support if you ever experience any issues with the operating system, meaning that the guys who made your chosen operating system are available to assist with any issues or queries.  We're big fans of community driven support, but nobody can deny that it's always nice to have the team behind a product ready and willing to help out if something goes wrong.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the preference of many businesses across the world, so we thought it time that we made it part of our offering to you lot.  After all, variety is the spice of life!

Chris Merrett

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