On yer bike!

4 May 2012 | by Sean Handley

Early One Morning...

It's 7.30am and I'm getting myself ready for an experiment. Which is faster: four wheels or two wheels? I throw on my cycling gear, load up the pannier bags and roll off the driveway into the morning. The race is on.

A week later and I'm sure of myself. Because the traffic is so bad, the average time for the eight mile commute is the same or less on bike than by car. Result!

My pannier bags are roomy enough to sort out my shopping, and for especially long journeys there's always the train. I hand the keys over to the dealership, cycle home and that's that - I have no vehicle which isn't powered directly by me.

So, besides time no longer spent sat in traffic, why on earth would I give up my car? Many reasons! Firstly, the cost. Insuring, taxing, servicing, repairing, testing and fuelling a car adds up big time. Secondly - exercise! Cycling everywhere means being fitter and healthier. Finally, one less motorist hopefully means the strain on the planet's atmosphere and resources is reduced (it all makes a difference, right?).

Why not get involved?

You can get a reasonable bike pretty cheaply these days. Pro tips: don't get a self assembly, test the bike in-shop first, get the best bike lock you can afford and invest in a water pack - you'll be thirsty.

Also, to get bike-friendly alternative routes, check out sites like www.cyclestreets.net.

Happy pedalling ;-)

Sean Handley, Developer and Cookie Monster

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