On why I don’t like The (Young) Apprentice

6 December 2011 | by Rob Greenwood

9pm Monday evening. As usual, I sit down with my other half and watch Young Apprentice on the Beeb. I don’t know why I set myself up for an hour of raised blood pressure and shouting at the TV week after week, but some sort of morbid curiosity means I tune in weekly.

So what’s the problem? On the face of it, the program encourages the best of British young entrepreneurs to compete for an investment from one of the UK’s top business moguls.

However, when you start to look at the details, you’ll see that the program is driven by what I would consider to be some of the less desirable and possibly out-dated virtues of business. Profit is king here, and extreme short-termism.

This leads to, in my opinion, the team with the inferior idea winning each week’s task and the idea which might have longer term success is torn to pieces in a fierce blame-culture exercise.

Even within the winning team, candidates in ‘the process’ are encouraged to pick faults in each other and generally act in a pretty abysmal way towards each other.

I’m aware that this is turning into a bit of a rant, but in summary I think that this program is ethically falling quite short of the mark and encouraging would-be young entrepreneurs to exhibit what I consider to be pretty negative traits.

Daniel Keighron-Foster
Managing Director

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