New UPS arrival

15 June 2011 | by Rob Greenwood

We've just taken delivery of a new APC 100kVA UPS for our Turing House facility.  When commissioned, this will give us enough power capacity for another 25-30 cabinets (depending on the amount of power they draw).

This gives us both more capacity for our own dedicated servers + managed servers, and also for customers who're in our new Turing House Colocation suite.

For those who're not familiar with 'datacentre furniture', the UPS provides us with clean, un-spikey power.  More importantly though it bridges the gap between a mains power failure and the generator starting.  It takes about 20 seconds for the generator to start up from cold, during which time the entire IT load of the datacentre is powered from the UPS' batteries.  Clever eh?

Daniel Keighron-Foster,
Managing Director

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