Mirroring Ubuntu 12.04 LTS - stats from a week on

3 May 2012 | by Andrew Mahoney

If you're a nerd like us, you might enjoy some stats from our mirroring of the latest Ubuntu release, Precise Pangolin.

In the hours after we announced that our mirrors were live, we experienced an incredible traffic spike with over 80,000 requests per second being served by our mirror server. This translated to a peak bandwidth of almost 1 gigabit per second, mostly being served to China oddly enough. By the end of Friday, we'd transferred almost 9 terabytes of data.

To compare, the peak bandwidth is almost 200 times the bandwidth of a recent Stephen Fry tweet that directed his followers to one of our client's servers. It's also more sustained, as you can see from the graph, since the Ubuntu images clock in at about 700 megabytes.

So it's safe to say this went off without a hitch. We use a hell of a lot of free and open source software at Melbourne and Ubuntu is one our favourites, so this is just another way of giving back to the community.

Andy "Viking" Mahoney, Server Management team

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