IX Manchester takes off!

20 June 2012 | by Tom Hill

Recently, our Technical Director Rob blogged about the importance of resilience in network connectivity and a new peering exchange launching to support Manchester, run by LINX under the guise of IX Manchester.

Even before I joined the team at Melbourne, I have been an active supporter of a new exchange in Manchester. When myself and a few others in the industry got together for a social pint in one of Manchester's fine establishments, we lamented the fact that Manchester lacked a robust and scalable peering exchange, one that could support the flourishing Internet community in the city, today and well into the foreseeable future. We agreed to get together and do something about it. Many other network operators came together at M247's office to discuss the where, how and when... But through all the discussions that followed, one particular suggestion stood-out.

John Souter, LINX CEO, had been invited to propose a solution to our problem. LINX had copious amounts of spare hardware following their recent upgrades, they had the experience, the engineers, the spare parts and perhaps most-importantly, they had a mission to 'keep traffic local'. Building on the trust that UK network operators already maintain in LINX, it was clear that this idea had a real chance to unite the peering community both in and around Manchester.

IX Manchester logo

And as we all know from previous posts, the rest is history:  IX Manchester was officially launched on the 24 April and Melbourne's port went live on Thursday 14 June, some time between 17:17 & 17:35! We've already seen traffic spikes in excess of 120Mbit/second and we recently even doubled our average peering rate, with the addition of only a single session.

Furthermore, the exchange is already regularly sustaining over 600Mbit of traffic and it's only in its infancy. This speedy start really goes to show that there has been a need for a reliable peering exchange in Manchester for some time now - it is astonishing to see it grow.

Very few people could be prouder than I am to see a shared, communal idea come to life, particularly with the vigour that it has. Something I hope I share with our fellow network operators involved in that first meeting, or the LINX employees themselves that worked tirelessly to bring it to life in less than 4 months. It's an amazing achievement so far and long may it continue.

Tom Hill, Network Engineer @ Melbourne

P.S. We have since updated the Melbourne transit diagram. (PDF)

P.P.S. If you aren't already peering with us at IX Manchester, send us a request now!

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