An even more secure Serverlove cloud :-)

23 April 2012 | by Josh R

From the Serverlove blog

When you choose to host with us, you're trusting us with some of your most important information. So it's important to know that your data is safe and secure. Whether it's firewalls or physical security, we've got it covered.

Serverlove is part of Melbourne Server Hosting and is hosted in secure datacentres that are monitored around the clock. This also means we've been ISO 27001-certified - demonstrating our commitment to providing a high-quality and secure service to all our clients. We're also BS 25999 compliant, demonstrating the measures we have in place to ensure we continue to provide support in the event of a major disruption, such as fire or flood!

Watch a video about the features of the datacentres that host Serverlove.

We're also now providing an additional layer of security for your servers with the introduction of a firewall in the latest control panel update! Now, when you create or edit servers, you have the option of turning on the firewall and just allowing access to specific ports.

The firewall costs just £2 per month per server, so you can limit port access as needed for different applications. Read more about how it works in our Security FAQ.

To try it out, login to Serverlove now.

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