A new, simpler way to upload your data to Serverlove

24 April 2012 | by Josh R

From the Serverlove blog

Good news, everyone! You can now upload your existing drives and data to Serverlove via FTP.

Serverlove is designed to let you upload and download your data, so that you can be as flexible as you want with migrating to our platform. Also, as you can run the operating system of your choice, you might want to upload an install or a disk image from another server.

If you're happy with the command line, you can do this quite easily using our API. We even provide scripts for Linux and Mac OS X which Windows users can use with Cygwin.

If, however, you prefer a more drag-and-drop approach, you can now use our FTP server with your favourite FTP client to share data with your Serverlove account. Simply connect to:

<a href="ftp://ftp.z1-man.serverlove.com/ " target="_blank">ftp://ftp.z1-man.serverlove.com/</a>

using your UUID as the username and API key as the password (you can find these in your Account Profile). Any files uploaded here will be imported to your account a disk, so make sure it's formatted correctly.

Find out more at our uploading FAQ.

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