sysadmin logoThe systems administrator. The backbone of any multi-employee company, ensuring staff have access to their files, their network, their applications, their Facebook. Without them we’d pretty soon realise that the digital revolution hasn’t been like a lion prowling the analogue savannah, ripping up all that came before it; it’s been more akin to a panda, in constant need of coaxing and teasing to make it perform its most primal functions.

In spite of the sitcom clichés, we at Melbourne know that the sysadmins of the world can be a friendly, committed bunch. They have friends, families, followers and frequently go beyond the Call of Duty pause button to help hapless colleagues.

So it’s time to start recognising sysadmins for what they are: the 408th emergency service, keeping business running smoothly 24/7 and never requesting a timeout.

That’s why we’ve come up with the Socially Awesome SysAdmin Awards, our monthly nod to the systems administrators who manage to tune their work-life balances so finely that they can even find time to take to Twitter to opine on subjects as varied as beer, feminism, travel and ways The System can be administrated.



The Bah Humbug Award

The Twitter Hipster Award


The “I’m Too Sexy” Award

You’ll Never Guess Who’s Following Me Award


The “Sir Tweets A Lot” Award

The “Sweary Mary” Award


The I’m Big in Japan Award

The Mr Popular Award


The Mr and Mrs Quotable Awards

The Weapon of Choice Award


The Sleepy Sysadmin Award

The Sysadmin Choice Awards


"We’ve tried several other data centres over the past few years and, although some were cheaper than Melbourne, they all failed to deliver the quality of service we required.”


"Melbourne have led us to lots of new technologies and have been incredibly supportive for which I can’t thank them enough."


“They respond to support tickets quickly and efficiently. Their coffee is pretty awesome too!”

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