The increasing volume of business critical data generated by organisations is providing system administrators with a growing issue. Increasing data volumes have led to an increased need for secure and scalable storage solutions, while the windows of opportunity to perform these data backups are decreasing. Couple this trend with the growing proportion of workers using devices off site and off network, and it’s clearly becoming a massive juggling act for IT departments to successfully manage.

Our range of solutions provide IT departments with simple to use and easy to deploy enterprise class managed services, ensuring that an organisation’s backup and recovery goals are achieved. Cloud Backup allows for both granular and full backups and restores of critical data, virtual or physical, with the ability to restore either individual files or entire systems. You can perform both intersite or intrasite backups, either to kit held on your premises or centrally to one of our secure N+N data centres around the country.

Thanks to our powerful Control Panel, system administrators have full control over the configuration of the Cloud Backup service. They can create specific backup schedules tailored by time, data set and/or user groups so that this essential function has as little impact on the business as possible. In addition, the Control Panel provides them with reports on the storage totals, and the status of any recent backups. The web-accessed Control Panel can also be used to perform data restores simply and rapidly if required.

Features & Benefits

  • Client side de-duplication
  • High availability and reliability
  • Fast single-step restore
  • Simple deployment
  • Secure encrypted bandwidth
  • Meets legislative and compliance requirements
  • No additional investment in hardware or software
  • Efficient use of connectivity
  • Centralized management
  • VMware integration
  • Reduced costs
  • Low bandwidth requirements
  • Helps achieve RTO/RPO
  • Guaranteed service levels

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