Complex Hosting Flavours

  • Hybrid
  • Dedicated
    Private Clouds
  • Multi-Site

Hybrid Hosting

Sometimes a purely dedicated or virtual server solution doesn’t cut it.

There are applications that simply don’t run well when virtualised, like databases, which perform better on dedicated hardware where they don’t have to compete for server Input/Output (I/O) resources. Conversely, other services, like frontend web servers, run well on virtual hardware as their resource usage is lower, and might benefit from virtual servers’ ability to scale quickly. Finally, some services require a specialised appliance which needs to be colocated along with the other hosted servers. Hybrid hosting gives our customers the flexibility to combine all of these requirements into a single, cohesive solution, privately connected together on the customer’s own Private Virtual Network (VLAN), meaning they can privately communicate despite being hosted on different platforms.


  • Choose from our range of Dedicated Servers, customised to your requirements.
  • Configure Cloud/Virtual Servers to your requirements.
  • Colocate custom appliances if necessary.
  • We configure a secure 100 Mbps or Gigabit private network between your servers.

Of course it’s rather complex to put a solution together for you, so rather than trying to order online, please call our friendly and knowledgeable sales team. We’ll bring techies in as necessary to ensure that the solution fits your needs.

Dedicated Private Clouds

A Private Cloud, is simply a set of dedicated servers with a virtualisation layer running on top, allowing you to create and manage multiple virtual servers within a set of physical servers. All the benefits of cloud computing but with dedicated hardware and full control. The possibilities are pretty much endless. What’s awesome about Private Clouds is just how flexible and customisable they are. Start with a simple configuration or a highly complex one. Either way it can scale with your growth. Create a hybrid solution that integrates with your existing physical servers. Even create a cloud that spans two of our data centres for super-reliability.

It is difficult to articulate the range of services that we can deliver – as every customer is different and will require a completely unique solution. So if you have a particular hosting need please contact us now.



  • Instantly create, edit and delete your own Virtual Machines (VMs) with full control over resource allocation, giving you full self-sufficiency.
  • Mix Windows and Linux Servers on the same infrastructure.
  • Built-in DR: Automatic failover of VMs if a node fails. Dual-switched network for fault tolerance.
  • Highly available SAN storage: Choose from SATA or SAS-based SAN storage, with optional offsite replication and scheduled snapshots.
  • Hosted on your Private Virtual Network (VLAN) behind redundant firewall pairs, at no extra cost. Optional dedicated firewalls and load balancers available.
  • No infrastructure worries: The underlying infrastructure is looked after by us, leaving you to worry only about your business applications.
  • Windows Licensing: we organise this, according to your requirements.
  • Combine Virtual Machines and Physical Dedicated Servers on the same private virtual network to create a Private, Hybrid Hosting Environment.


Multi-Site Hosting

By virtue of owning our data centres, and being connected to the iomart Group UK and International network of 15 data centre locations – from London to Singapore – we’re able to offer managed hosting from multiple facilities, with private high speed fibre connections between servers.

It’s not simple to put a solution like this together for you, so rather than trying to order online, please call our friendly and knowledgeable sales team now.


  • Each data centre is equipped with a full speed transit bandwidth and autonomous routing architecture enabling complete failover in the event of a disaster scenario.
  • It’s possible to perform Mirroring, Active Directory replication, Exchange replication, Rsync, and scheduled continuous database backups across the private network between the servers in different buildings.

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