Cloud Hosting on demand from Melbourne

On demand. When you demand it.

A common problem for many organisations is that their demand for computing power is elastic whilst the supply of their computing power is inelastic. Cloud enables companies to utilise our fully resilient platform and data centre network on an “on demand” basis. This option is ideal for test, development and short-term or seasonal high-capacity requirements.

Cloud Hosting will deliver you:

  • Capital expenditure reduction
  • On Demand extension/expansion of existing infrastructure
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Energy efficiency & reduced carbon footprint



How would you utilise Cloud Hosting?

With the cloud hosting model, high availability is simple and affordable, and disaster recovery and resiliency are dramatically cheaper. Servers can be set up in minutes and new services and applications can be deployed, tested and fine tuned before being released to production environments, negating the usual install delays and internal procurement processes. Seasonal traffic spikes can be simply managed, using on demand cloud capacity, and disaster recovery using high availability becomes a reality.

General benefits include:

  • On demand capacity for traffic spikes and storage
  • Rapid test & development environments
  • Mirrored disaster recovery
  • Backup and storage
  • On hand 24/7 support
  • Economies of scale
  • Predictable pricing
  • Seamless access across geographic borders


Cloud Server Features

With Melbourne, cloud servers can be deployed instantly – no waiting for hardware or set-up. Cloud hosting addresses all the shortcomings that you’re used to when using traditional hosting, it saves you money, and is better for the environment.  Quite impressive really.

Cloud servers use a set of pooled resources in a virtual environment. As the processing power is provided by a number of servers, you are no longer restricted to the limits of one physical piece of hardware – giving you the option to scale up whenever you need to.

Not only that but they’re more reliable, more scalable, and better for the environment. Even better, they cost from £59 per month.

Melbourne offers a range of cloud hosting solutions, tailored to your specific needs. Get in touch to find out more.


Server Specifications

CPU Power1 or 2 Virtual CPUs
Maximum Memory64GB DDR3 at 1333Mhz
Storage15,000 RPM SAN-based Storage
Included Bandwidth1000GB per month
Firewall IncludedFree access to our UltraFire™ Enterprise-class firewall!
Self-Healing ArchitectureYes, with 99.95% Service Promise
Handover TimeUsually within 4 hours
Contract Length 30 Days (setup charge applies) or Annual

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