Server Management

We’re here to help you when you need technical assistance with your servers.  This guide will explain the levels of support available with your dedicated servers, to ensure that you get the right level of cover from Melbourne.

Server Management

Server management means that Melbourne’s server management team become an extension of your own support team.  We will pro-actively monitor your servers’ operating system and hardware, notifying you if there are any issues.

The service level comparison overleaf details the various ways in which our server management offers you additional coverage and pro-active support.

Service Level Comparison

Whether you need full support or to be left to manage your servers, we offer an appropriate support level:

Self-Managed Server UltraManaged™ Server
Hardware, Power and Network Support
“we look after the datacentre environment, you look after your server’s software”
Yes Yes
Proactive Management
“warm fuzzy feeling that someone else is looking after your server”
No Yes
Priority Service
“even warmer fuzzier feeling that we’re going the extra mile for you”
No Yes

For full details of our server management options, please see the Our Server Support (pdf).

What if the standard Management Packages aren’t enough for your application?

We’re able to offer customised service level and management agreements are available for complex projects. Please contact our sales team to obtain a tailored quotation.

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