Rack Space – Features

Setup Time

Once you’ve ordered your colocation online, our technical team will contact you to verify your requirements. You will receive your IP addresses, followed by a welcome letter explaining how to use the various features of your account.

Your rack will be ready within 10 working days.  If you’re in a rush, we have an express setup available, where your cabinet is ready within 24 hours.

Once your rack space is ready for your move-in, we’ll call or email to make an appointment for your first visit, where one of our staff will accompany you to familiarise you with the facility.

Installation Assistance

If you require installation assistance, we can supply “helping hands” to make your move-in as smooth as possible.

Account Manager

Melbourne believes in personal customer service; that’s why every customer has a dedicated account management contact.

Whilst support tickets should be submitted directly to our technical team, your account manager can help liaise in more complex issues, and also process new orders on your behalf.

Your account manager would also be your point of contact in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with any aspect of the service you receive from us.

Cabinet Depths

Our colocation is provisioned from 1000mm x 600mm cabinets, which have a post-to-post depth of 800mm to 750mm, meaning we can accommodate servers with rails between these sizes. All standard HP, Dell, Compaq and Sun equipment fits into these specifications.

No Rails?

If your server does not come with, or has unsuitable mounting rails, we can provide an adjustable depth shelf for a one-off cost of £50

Remote Power Cycling

We can supply 8-port or 24-port devices to allow you to power-cycle your equipment remotely. Price from £40.00 per month for an 8 port remote reboot switch device (which works in quarter, half and full cabinets) or £60 for a 24-port (which works only with full cabinets).

KVM over IP Access

Never lose a server again! KVM over IP enables you to administer your machine as if you were sat next to it. You can edit the BIOS, un-lock a firewall or any other task that you would perform at the console. Furthermore, Virtual Media means you can mount an ISO from your workstation directly onto your server, making remote software installation a breeze! Priced at £5 per port (server) per month (cable install charges may apply).

As an alternative, we can attach a roaming datacentre KVM to your machine on an ad-hoc basis if it fails. This comes from your monthly ‘helping hands’ allowance.

Online Bandwidth Monitoring

Your network ports will be added to our bandwidth monitoring software meaning you can view your usage statistics any time from our support site.

100Mbps or 1Gbps switch ports

All switch ports are provisioned at 100Mbps or 1Gbps and are fully burstable (unless a capped bandwidth option has been chosen).

Out-of-hours support staff onsite within one hour

If you are unable to make it to the facility to sort a problem, or need further assistance, we guarantee to have an engineer available to meet you within one hour, day or night.  This is covered by the included ‘helping hands’ allowance.

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