UltraLoad Load Balancing

UltraLoad™ High-Availability Load-Balancing

Our unique UltraLoad™ high-availability load balancing service offers all the functionality of a dedicated pair of load balancers, at a fraction of the cost.

If you require two or more frontend web servers to act as a single high availability node, either for redundancy or scalability, a load balancer of some sort is required.

Our UltraLoad™ system can be inserted to existing installations, or used for new installations, and simply sits in your private network with your dedicated servers or colocated machines.

The DNS for your website or load-balanced service is re-pointed to the load balancer’s IP, and upon receiving requests, these are forwarded to one of the hosts “behind” the load balancer.

Because the load balancer is performing continual state checking of the hosts, should one of the hosts fail for whatever reason, it will be removed from the cluster, meaning it does not receive any further requests. This happens completely seamlessly to the website visitor/user. Administrators are notified of the failure by email or SMS message.

What’s unique about our system is that you can add/edit/delete hosts yourself through our friendly web based control panel. Furthermore hosts can be taken down for maintenance this way.

Our UltraLoad™ service is eminently more affordable than dedicated load balancers, and can be added to your account from £75+vat per cluster (pricing is tiered dependant on maximum number of packets per second through the load balancer).

If your requirements are more specific, or your traffic levels are higher, we can provide dedicated pairs of UltraLoad™ appliances.

To enquire about, or order, our load balancing service, please contact our knowledgeable sales team on 0161 232 0001.

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