Our new firewalls need beta-testers

Read More 4th Jul 2013

It’s been a long time coming: UltraFire v2, our new firewall, is ready to be tested in the field. If you’re new to hosting, then essentially a firewall is the bit of the chain which protects the network and servers against unauthorised access. To date, our existing UltraFire firewalls have served us well. They’re reliable and…Read More


2012 network uptime

Read More 4th Jan 2013

So 2012’s over and the statistics are in. We’re pleased to say we smashed our 99.95% SLA on network uptime, by providing Internet connectivity to our servers for 99.999% of the entire year. Find out more about our fast and reliable network, including viewing our externally monitored and verified uptime stats. [googleplusauthor] @ Melbourne


Peer with us!

Read More 18th Oct 2012

Recently, John Souter of LINX has announced that IXManchester had hit the 2 Gbit/second mark for traffic exchanged between peers. This is a milestone worth noting in at least a small way. As we’ve mentioned before, IXManchester represents a community of regional ISPs that came together earlier this year to tackle the problem of the UK’s…Read More

Gonna get ourselves connected

Read More 17th Oct 2012

We don’t often think about it, but beneath our streets, a quiet revolution has been taking place. The great legacy of Victorian engineering is the sewerage system in towns and cities across the UK. Many of these are still in operation and, these days, it’s not just sewage they’re carrying: it’s your data. Putting optical…Read More


IX Manchester takes off!

Read More 20th Jun 2012

Recently, our Technical Director Rob blogged about the importance of resilience in network connectivity and a new peering exchange launching to support Manchester, run by LINX under the guise of IX Manchester. Even before I joined the team at Melbourne, I have been an active supporter of a new exchange in Manchester. When myself and…Read More


World IPv6 Launch Day

Read More 6th Jun 2012

Today, is World IPv6 Launch day. But why? We all know the Internet is ‘running out’ of address space, why is there a whole day to make a fuss over it? For roughly a year since the first ‘World IPv6 Day‘ event, ISPs & content providers over the globe have been taking good advantage of…Read More


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