We’re pleased to announce that our new, unique service called UltraLoad™ is now live.

Load balancing is something that has been the preserve of larger organisations due to the large costs and complexity involved.

Our unique take on this has been to decimate costs, by providing access to shared load balancers, eliminating the need for costly dedicated hardware, when only a fraction of its resources are being used.

Furthermore, a friendly web interface allows customers to make the initial setup, and add/edit/remove hosts from a cluster, without having to visit a command line.

We believe this service is unique within the industry, and shows Melbourne’s commitment to reducing costs and complexity associated with hosted services.

Full details of the service, which is available to dedicated server and colocation customers alike, are available at http://www.melbourne.co.uk/dedicated-servers-high-availability-clusters.htm or by contacting our sales team.

16th August 2008 by

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