BS 25999Following on from our recent success with ISO 27001, it’s now the turn of Business Continuity with today’s award of the BS 25999 certification.

For the lucky people amongst you who may never have heard of Business Continuity, it is designed to demonstrate the measures we have put in place to ensure we can continue to provide friendly support in the event of a major disruption, such as fire or flood!

Whilst some people may be question the relevance of certifications such as these, it’s important to understand the true benefits they bring to any organisation looking to deliver a high level of service to it’s customers.

With both the ISO27001 and BS25999 accreditations on our mantelpiece, customers can rest assured that their data is kept secure, and that we’re available to assist 24/7 – no matter what.

For anyone interested in some bedtime reading, more information on both standards can be found here: ISO27001BS25999

Happy reading!

Technical Director @ Melbourne

9th March 2012 by

2 thoughts on “Melbourne achieves BS 25999 certification!”

  1. Comment by Gary Stimson

    22nd March 2012

    Great news! Our customers are increasingly asking about both standards for ourselves and suppliers. We've undergone certification and it's great to know you have too. Once the business continuity part of ISO27001 is done, it makes sense to do the extra work in getting it into a BCMS for BS25999. Can I suggest updating your "about us" website content to include the certificate numbers and links to some proof on the certification body's web site? When we say our suppliers are certified and the auditor asks for proof, it's slightly better to point them to a copy of the certificate than to a blog post or it looks like we haven't been thorough in our checking.

  2. Comment by Josh

    27th March 2012

    Hi Gary - sorry for the slow reply. I've been looking into where I can get hold of the actual certificate icons and things! We'll be posting these up shortly and eventually they'll be integrated into the footer of our site.

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