Support Site Improvements -

16 August 2008 | by Rob Greenwood

Today sees us launch our new support site at  This is the first release and part of a long-term project to centralise all aspects of managing your service and account with Melbourne.

Cosmetically you will notice some minor changes, but the main improvements at this stage are with the underlying database technology, and backend access for our staff, which will enable us to find your services in a much quicker and better organised manner, ultimately meaning we can provide a quicker and more accurate level of service to you.

We advise all customers to log in and become familiar with all aspects of the system, in particular remotely power-cycling servers, rather than waiting until it is needed in an emergency!  If you do not have your logins to hand, please submit a support ticket by emailing  It is important that all customers are familiar with the operation of the system in order to obtain support.

In future we hope to integrate the following aspects of account management into the site:

- integrated bandwidth, power and VLAN graphs
- self-managed server monitoring
- managing all aspects of billing
- viewing previous tickets and work requests
- forward and reverse dns management
- ordering new services
- ordering domain names and SSL certs automatically
- re-provisioning servers automatically

We welcome any feedback you may have at this stage, both with the current release and the planned improvements.

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