Melbourne launches UltraSpam™ Anti-Spam Service

13 October 2008 | by Rob Greenwood

Melbourne today introduces its new anti-spam service, called <a href="">UltraSpam&trade;</a>.

The problem of weeding out indiscriminate unsolicited e-mails proved to be a major problem for the Manchester based outfit.  It could not find a satisfactory solution on the UK market.  In response it has launched <a href="">UltraSpam&trade;</a>, based on <a href="" target="_blank">MailFoundry</a>, a US industry-leading anti-spam appliance.

Spamming was first noted in May 1978, but the first instance concerned less than 10 recipients.  Today, over 100 billion spam e-mails are sent every day.  Spam accounts for over 80% of all e-mails worldwide.

In addition to time wasted removing them, spam is the source of much of the fraud, viruses, identity and financial theft experienced on the Internet.  The Californian legislature estimated that US organisations lost $13 billion in 2007 alone to this one source.  The problem is no less serious in the UK.

Steven Allan, Melbourne's sales director comments: "An employee spending 20 minutes a day removing spam doesn't sound much.  But it amounts to a full day a month, 12 days a year; it is a lot of time if you have 10 employees.  And then there is the threat of a virus taking out an enterprise's IT systems".

Melbourne's <a href="">UltraSpam&trade;</a> service costs from just &pound;10 per month and a <a href="">30 day trial of the service is available. </a>

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