App of the week: Drawing the Cloud with Paper for iPad

15 May 2012 | by Josh R

There's so much marketing guff about the cloud, often couched in dense, endless PowerPoints or thick PDF whitepapers. So for my talk at Business North West 2012, I decided to do something a bit different :)

I'm always a fan of brief presentations, where the slides are mostly visual prompts rather than on-screen notes to read off. The weekend before BNW, I was off to Brussels so I didn't really have time to put together anything too comprehensive anyway. I downloaded Keynote onto my iPad but quickly realised that learning to use it on a smaller form factor was going to be a pain. At the time, I didn't own a stand for my iPad either, so typing was a bit difficult.

Luckily, a couple of weeks earlier, I'd seen a presentation from Garry Byrne at Manchester's #smc_mcr talking about the state of mobile (report). He'd used the iPad app Paper by fiftythree to create his very simple, effective slides which acted just as I prefer - non-distracting, visual prompts for his engaging talk.

So before I got on the Eurostar back, I downloaded the app, paid for the extra brushes and by the end of the train journey back to Manchester, had produced my entire deck. If I'd had a video adapter, I could've presented directly from the app but, for compatibility, I exported each page as an image and pasted them into PowerPoint.

This was my first attempt at designing a presentation using but it went pretty smoothly. However, writing words is a bit odd with your finger, so I've recently invested in a Cosmonaut stylus on Twitter-based recommendations. We'll see if this makes a difference.

Paper is currently a free download so watch the video or get it now. And you can flick through my slides above or on Speaker Deck.

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