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5 Tips for Achieving High Cloud Uptime During Black Friday

Achieving high availability for eCommerce sites all year round is key to maximising revenue. However, performance is never more tested than during the Black Friday period. And with...

21 November 2016 | By Natalie Fayle

Melbourne Man’s Charity Run Raises £770

A few months ago we realised that we were a bit behind on our charity fundraising. We wanted a creative way to raise money and spread the message about a cause we felt passionate...

3 November 2016 | By Natalie Fayle

Comparing Magento Hosting Solutions

Up until recently, the advice around hosting for Magento sites was clearly focused on dedicated hosting solutions. With the level of optimisation needed to run a Magento site to its...

27 September 2016 | By Natalie Fayle

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A New Way of Managing Your Magento Site

Today we’re excited to announce the official launch of our new Magento eCommerce Hosting Platform. It’s been almost a year in the making as we wanted to be sure we delivered...

27 September 2016 | By Natalie Fayle

Pokemon Go…Then Stop…Then Go

After a painfully long wait Pokemon Go finally launched in the UK yesterday following server issues that had plagued the US launch since last week. It seems that Nintendo and...

15 July 2016 | By Natalie Fayle

How To Deal With Your Site’s Unpredictable Traffic Spikes

For most of our customers, demand is fairly predictable. If you know when your site is going to be busy you can plan ahead and buy in additional resource, but many retailers don’t...

1 July 2016 | By Natalie Fayle

What to do when content is weighing down your site

We all know by now that faster webpage load times = better conversion rates and higher search rankings. But we also know that engaging online experiences = higher conversion rates.

7 June 2016 | By Natalie Fayle

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Now Available!

To celebrate Canonical’s eagerly-awaited launch day for the latest Ubuntu LTS release, Melbourne is pleased to announce Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is now available and supported for all...

25 April 2016 | By Natalie Fayle

Extended support for SQL Server 2005 ends soon

If you’re still on running SQL Server 2005, now is the time to consider upgrading as extended support terminates after April 12th 2016. This means that security updates and hotfixes...

3 March 2016 | By Natalie Fayle